Hari Om

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The Hari Om album is an offering to all who wish to attain deepened states of relaxation, meditation, and intuitive clarity.  For it is here, where we can fully embrace the present moment and journey within.

Reconnect to the blissful, serene, love that is your inherent nature and experience the treasure house of energy and radiance eternally present within the depths of your being.

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4 reviews for Hari Om

  1. Erin

    Hari Om is a must have for relaxation and mindfulness! I used the CD during my pregnancy as a means to relax and deal with pains and migraines. I love using the music as I prepare for meditation as well as background music for my yoga. Now that my son is born, we utilize it as a calming tool when he is tired and agitated. Nisha Narsai is a beautiful vocalist who evidently puts her soul into her music. She has a sensational voice and the ability to calm and captivate others with her singing. I highly recommend Hari Om to others!

  2. Web Hosting

    Nisha Narsai is a Doctoral Candidate of Social Work, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Certified Wellbeing Coach, and New Age Spiritual Musician whose greatest joy is to share her voice with the world.

  3. Tonda Siebenthal

    This article is a source of inspiration for me, it helps me
    a lot in sleep problems. I also used this Rain Sounds https://youtu.be/uSxflHAxweE to fall asleep
    easily. Thanks, keep it up!

  4. Ali

    Hari Om brought me to tears. I thought it was sadness initially and tried to hide the emotions.. when I let go, the tears flowed, but with that came a sense of pure love. A oneness with everything that I wish I could hold on to forever.
    Your music showed me that all will be wonderful once this human existence is completed.
    Thank you with all my heart.

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