My Story: Finding My Voice

Years ago, a young couple left their hopes in the hands of a young surgeon, in order to give their daughter a chance at communicating with the world. Their daughter was born with an internal cleft palate, and prior to this day, had not uttered a single word. Even her cries were faint. They had lived with a deep fear that a world of struggles lied ahead for her, because even with multiple surgeries, there was no guarantee that she’d ever speak clearly. With faith, however, they watched their little girl walk into a young doctor’s hands…who ultimately changed everything.

The Universe works in magical ways, and after just one surgery, a voice was discovered.

My voice.

Nisha NamasteI grew up in a home with musical history-surrounded by love, spirituality, and connectedness. I am blessed for this foundation for it guided my journey…but discovering my voice was just the first step in a series of discoveries I still had to make in my world. It wasn’t until much later that I found the voice I share now. As an extremely timid child, I wouldn’t have even known how to communicate with the world if it weren’t for my ability to sing. In fact, singing was more natural and fulfilling to me than speaking. Recognizing this, my father placed me in Hindustani Classical vocal training at a young age, thus, starting my lifelong companionship with music.

As my musical self grew, a deeper connection to myself and others was cultivated. I slowly realized that my voice went beyond singing. It was about the words I spoke and the tone I used. It was about compassion and empathy. And soon I’d learn, it was about the intentions with which we utter any sound (works of Dr. Emoto). I became drawn to human behavior and the mind, and found myself working through a B.A. in Psychology and Social Behavior, a Masters in Social Work, and a License in Social Work. The desire to help others became a passion and mission of mine and has now lead me to pursue my doctorate in Social Work at the University of Southern California.  Through years of working with students and families in the Los Angeles Unified School District, volunteering internationally, and establishing my own loving relationships, I had discovered a new voice.

Yet music had never left my side. I continued to receive more vocal training in the U.S. and India, studying at the school of well-known singer, Suresh Wadkar, and under an amazing teacher to whom I am indebted - world renown sitarist, Ustad Nishat Khan - for pushing my creativity beyond my own expectations.

Embroidered with music, my life experiences and passion to empower people has allowed me to share my voice in the most rewarding and fulfilling ways.  A voice that began from a place of healing, inevitably led me here. A humbling place from where I share my voice -  as a singer, therapist, daughter, sister, and friend - with a hope to inspire others to find their own true voice.

It has been, and continues to be a spectacular journey.



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Doctorate of Social Work
University of Southern California (USC)

Licensed Clinical Social Worker (L.C.S.W)
Board of Behavioral Sciences, State of California

Well-being and Wellness Coaching Certification
College of Executive Coaching

Masters in Social Work (M.S.W.)
University of Southern California

B.A. in Psychology and Social Behavior
University of California, Irvine