Coaching Services: Finding Your Voice

With music meditation, I partner with you to create the space you need to find your truest voice.

Nisha Coaching

At every moment, we choose how we wish to respond to the world.   In order to call into our lives the best of the universe, we have to give the best of ourselves.  However, often times we become disconnected to our truest and most compassionate voice because our innermost aspirations become trapped deep within the confines of our being. With the use of music meditation, I help individuals connect to the treasure house of energy that resonates at the core of their being.

Become connected with the best part of yourself and:

  • Find your voice and write your story the way you choose to
  • Feel more centered and present for all those you love
  • Find more energy in your life to do the things you love
  • Build and maintain healthier and more fulfilling relationships
  • Realize your strengths & passions and discover more meaningful ways to practice them
  • Communicate authentically with empathy and compassion
  • Experience more gratitude and appreciation in your life