Nisha Narsai

Music To Awaken Consciousness

The spectacular elements of music - the rhythms, frequencies, melodies, note patterns, and vibrational movements speak to our body and often become deeply rooted within us. Music’s beautiful ability to intensify our emotions, illuminate our memories, and overall affect our entire being may merely be the result of its intimate bond with our inner consciousness. A connection that unknowingly develops, allowing us all to experience music in different ways. And if we could become conscious of this energy flow, we may be able to begin a journey inward to witness the enlightening communication that occurs within - between music and our inner being. We may use music to awaken consciousness.

This is the source of my inspiration to sing.

Nisha Narsai SingingWe do not need science to convince us that sound affects us but when we do become familiar with the physiological effects of music within our physical body, we can be inspired to make conscious changes within our spiritual being. Many researchers worldwide have ventured to investigate this amazing phenomenon.

Beginning with the research done by Swiss Medical Dr. Hans Jenny, studies showed that sound frequencies could transform the composition and/or patterns of different substances such as plastics, liquids, and sand. Further, researchers have found that our organs and body function at certain frequencies and when these frequencies become imbalanced, sound and music frequencies can be used to create balance again. In a sense then, it is not surprising that music and sound healing research have shown astounding results.
Music as medicine: Healing for Body, Mind, and Soul, Wisdom of the World discusses different studies done in the United States and other countries regarding music’s ability to decrease heart rates, alleviate blood pressure levels, lower stress hormone levels, and regulate respiration rates of surgery patients. Other studies in this article showed that exposure to music lessened the need for pain medication and even hastened the recovery process the recovery process for surgery patients. Most fascinating to me, however, were the findings by Japanese researcher, Dr. Masaru Emoto, who incorporated intent into the sound healing process. He was able to show that the thoughts and feelings embodying sound vibrations were also significant factors that needed to be considered. In his study exposing sounds to water, Dr. Emoto found that water crystals that were created from positive phrases such as; “Love”, were strikingly different than those created from negative phrases; such as, “Anger”. The message taken from his study is that music’s sound vibrations; if shaped by positive lyrics, thoughts, and emotions, have the power to create a beautiful harmony within us and around us.

This is what ignited my interest in primarily singing mantras or melodies involving positive messages or those to foster self growth. Mantras are energy based sounds that were written in ancient scriptures to evoke a transformation of our energy and our connection to ourselves and the universe. For me, mantras have come to carry a yearning for personal growth and when woven in with melodies, have allowed me to become fully immersed with my deeply rooted self. And just as this inward movement serves as a conscious reminder to me when life’s complexities attempt to consume me, I share my voice with the hopes of helping others find their own meaning - Their own Journey Within.

- Nisha Narsai

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